TAUS Message to Japan


Jaap van der Meer, director TAUS (www.taus.net)

TAUS loves Japan. The first language in which we have translated our web site is Japanese. Since 2009 we have held six Executive Forums in Tokyo hosted by Oracle Japan. At these Forums we have welcomed the pioneers of translation automation and innovation from Japan. And every year our audience became bigger.

The global translation industry is changing very rapidly. Ten years ago nobody would have thought that technology would play a big role in translation services. Now, machine translation and automatic speech-to-speech translation are part of daily life.
TAUS was founded in November 2004 at a roundtable meeting with delegates from major American IT companies. Originally, our mission was to be a think tank and explore whether technology could help business and government to keep up with the need to translate the exponential growing volume of content in ever more languages. In the first five years the TAUS message was not well understood by many professionals in the translation industry. Now most buyers and providers of translation realize that technology helps to create new business opportunities and opens new markets.
TAUS has become a platform for industry-shared services, supporting all stakeholders in the global translation industry with training, tools, best practices and metrics. Under the TAUS Academy we offer online courses in machine translation post-editing and quality management with the Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF), a platform for measuring and benchmarking translation quality on an industry-wide scale. TAUS also has brought together the largest collection of translation memory data (the TAUS Data repository) to support companies to train and customize machine translation systems.
TAUS loves Japan because Japan is perhaps the one country in the world where the language divide is experienced more strongly than in most other places. And that could be the reason that translation technology finds a very fertile ground in Japan. From community-based translation platforms to the race towards Tokyo 2020: we have been impressed with the inventiveness and adoption of new technology in Japan.
TAUS keeps coming back every year in April. But our website welcomes you every day.



(TAUSディレクター Jaap van der Meer氏から日本の読者へのメッセージ)TAUSでは2009年以来東京でフォーラムを開催するなど日本を重視してきました。2004年の創設当初は爆発的に増加する翻訳需要を満たすために技術の重要性が増すというTAUSのメッセージは業界でなかなか理解されませんでしたが現在では技術がビジネス機会と市場を広げるという認識が共有されつつあります。